«We Look For Essential Infrastructure Companies That Have Strong Inflation Protection» – Tim Humphreys

Ago 16, 2023

Tim Humphreys works as a portfolio manager at Ausbil, a leading independent Australian asset management firm with over AUD15,000M. Ausbil reached a distribution agreement with UK-based Marlborough, leading to the latter’s launch of the Marlborough Global Essential infrastructure fund.

In the first part of the interview, he explained how he became passionate about investing. Subsequently, he explained the relationship between Ausbil and Marlborough, his investment philosophy and his main goals as a fund manager. Tim also shared some examples of the kind of firms he favours. He showed that the wealth of Ausbil and Marlborough clients will be managed with the utmost professionalism and passion.


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«European Companies Are In Better Shape Than Ever» – Colin Gibson

«European Companies Are In Better Shape Than Ever» – Colin Gibson

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